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Shake Those Nerves! Farmer’s Daughter Hotel

When I first started pursuing my dream of being a photographer, I used to get soooo nervous…even NOW when I have a big event, I STILL get nervous, but I refuse to let that stop me…ever!


One thing I do when I have a big event that has my stomach in knots, I schedule “me” time the following week so instead of focusing on my nerves I focus on the treat to myself AFTER my big event and it really helps lol.


I love to treat myself to an overnight stay at a nice hotel where I can relax and also work with my laptop and enjoy a little time away.


When you have a big event or just something that is nerve wracking, what do you do?? I’d love to hear about it!


What’s in my bag??

I know when I’m at a photo session or event, some may wonder what the heck does she have in those bags??!! Well these are SOME of my essentials that I carry…my 24-70 and 70-200 are my go to lenses. I gotta have my flash for those poor lighting situations and my remote trigger so that I can have off camera flash. My Jane Iredale is a must for my jobs so my lipstick will last for hours. Gotta have my little bag for my iphone and keys because before this bag, I never could find my keys and phone. Lastly I have to have my micro cloth to keep my glass clean. So there you go…just a few things I carry on each job 🙂