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The Kekoa Family

It has almost been a year exactly since my last blog…sheesh, this year just flew by so quickly yet so much has happened in this year.  Well no need to make excuses, I’m just glad to be back.  I have a lot of catching up to do but what better way to start back up than with the Kekoa’s.

For the past few years I’ve taken their Christmas pictures.  This time around I received a text the night before that Brandie received news about her mother Lola’s cancer and she wondered if she could include her entire family…and of course I’d have it no other way so we got together and celebrated what family is all about.

These images reflect a family filled with love, laughter, courage, strength and hope.

Look at these beautiful ladies!

…and of course we couldn’t forget about the guys.

There is NOTHING that compares to a mother’s love…nothing.

I took a moment to get a portrait of Brandie’s parents, Mel and Lola.

Lola looked absolutely amazing so I had to get some portraits of her…isn’t she beautiful! 🙂

I loved watching the kids being kids and enjoying nature.  Photo shoots aren’t just about getting a picture, it’s about creating memories.

Thank you Kekoa’s and the Robbins for the opportunity to capture this moment in time in your lives…I don’t take this blessing for granted!

If you would like to donate towards medical costs you can visit the go fund me page set up for Lola

For a photo shoot with K. Chappell Photo Creations, contact

Have an awesome day friends!


Tony & Kristina’s Engagement Session – Balboa Park and Ghiradelli’s

What a lovely couple Tony and Kristina are!! We met at Balboa Park and ended at one of their special spots, Ghiradelli!! Such a fun engagement session! They even brought their adorable puppy Autumn…she was soooo cute. Here’s just a few sneak peeks from our session. Thank you Tony and Kristina for sharing the day with me ♥ Enjoy!


















If you would like to schedule a photo session, contact , I’d LOVE to work with you!!



Every day I have a fight with my inner voice to silence the self critics. So I surround myself with positive images and sticky notes to remind me that I CAN do it….whatever “it” is. I came across an article on Misty Copeland, a gifted and amazing ballet dancer, and I had to print this image that was with the article. I tried to find the photographer’s name so I could give them credit, but I was unable to, but this inspires me because in this image of beauty and strength, I realize it takes WORK to get to where she is and to get that amazing body. Whenever I am working out and it gets hard, I think of this image and what it takes to get there…hard work! Now I may never be a Misty Copeland, and that is not my goal, but if I work hard enough and consistent enough, I can and will reach the goals I set for myself. This image sits on my desk as a reminder of how beautiful life can be. What are some ways you inspire yourself??

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Printed Art vs. Digital Images


Delivery time 😄👏🏽👏🏽 This is the part I love…delivering product that I’m proud of to my wonderful clients!! Yaaaas 😄📷❤️🎉.

I’ve recently realized how important it is to get actual prints and photo books instead of images on cd!! As my kids get older many of my memories are gone in old computers or some other digital format that I have no idea where they are. This breaks my heart. I’ve been trying to print as many images as possible because there is NOTHING like printed memories!!

Let’s do a photoshoot and get some great products for you to treasure forever…trust me, it’s worth EVERY PENNY!

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Bye bye digital images hello printed art!

Keanyn – Class of 2015!

I have been a little behind on blogging and I thought what better time than today to start catching up because today is the day my nephew graduated from Santa Fe High School.

A few months ago I was so glad to be able to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico to do Keanyn’s senior session!

Congratulations Keanyn!  I’m so proud of you and I am excited for this next stage of your life!  I pray God’s blessings in all that you do!!

Today, K. Chappell Photo Creations celebrates YOU! ♥









Way to go Keanyn!!

For all of your photographic needs…near and far, K. Chappell Photo
Creations would love to capture those special moments for you!!


The Train That Led Me to the Museum of Photographic Arts

I recently decided to take on a weekly photographic challenge of photographing a specific theme each week. This week the theme was trains, and even though I recently joined a wonderful group of photographers at a real train station, I wanted to go out and try to get creative. I decided I would go to the Train Museum in Balboa Park, but on my way to the Train Museum, I passed the Museum of Photographic Arts.  Now you know I LOVE photography, so after looking at the cost of the Train Museum I opted to use my money to go and enjoy the amazing exhibit they had at the Museum of Photographic Arts called 7 billion Others and the Model and Muse of Hendrik Kerstens…I just could not resist and I have NO regrets!!

Here are a few images I gathered from my wonderful trip to the Museum 🙂


At the entrance of the Museum, they had a multimedia exhibition called 7 billion Others in which various individuals from all over the world expressed different experiences and emotions that had me glued to the 30 minute presentation…it was very interesting to see the different experiences that we all have in common yet from different cultures.




Once you pass the multimedia exhibition at the entrance, they had different booths with various videos of people sharing personal thoughts and life experiences.




There was also a gallery with the works of Hendrik Kerstens.  I had never heard of him, but it was a collection of his daughter, his muse, and they were stunning images that looked like different time periods of her.





I’m looking forward to an adventurous 2015 as I try different things and find new knowledge as I embark on my creative journey.  I’m so thankful that I can do this as I do not take one minute for granted…life is just too short and while I have the blessing of good health and the opportunity, I plan to appreciate EVERY moment that I’m blessed to have.