Tyrone DuBose – La Jolla Cove Photo Shoot

Sometimes in life you are fortunate enough to have your path cross with some amazing people when you least expect it and that’s how I met Mr. Tyrone DuBose.

With so many great photographers out there, I was thrilled and honored when he chose me to do this session for some upcoming  projects that he’s working on.

We decided to meet at the beautiful La Jolla Coves and here are a few of my favorites from our early morning session.

Tyrone DuBose is an award winning R&B Historian that has been blessed to live his dream!  He has an amazing bass-baritone voice that graces the airwaves as America’s Premier Contributing R&B Historian on TV One’s UNSUNG, he is a syndicated radio host of Timeless Traxx and does a “60 Second Moment in Music History” on the Sheryl Underwood Radio Show and these are just a few things that he does.  He is an inspiration to so many people including myself.

How can I photograph Mr. DuBose who has such an interesting and inspiring life and not ask a few questions and share a little inspiration.

Because I love UnSung so much I wanted to know what was one of his most memorable moments from the show and he mentioned the Martha Wash story and how she was denied 3 #1 singles and people lip synced 3 of her songs without proper credit.  She ended up coming out victorious after having to file a lawsuit and during the middle of all of that she came out with a #1 single on the dance charts!  I remember her from The Weather Girls, It’s Raining Men song in the 80’s.

A highlight and inspiration in Tyrone’s life when he was younger, was listening to Casey Kasem American Top 40.  He eventually met him and then was actually mentored by him.  That blows my mind because we grew up listening to Casey Kasem.  In his words Tyrone said, “When I met him, it was the thrill of a lifetime and this man (Casey Kasem) was the reason I got into radio now I believed I could do it” and look at where that dream and determination has gotten him, I’m inspired.

I then asked when things get challenging how does he get through it.  He said he reflects on his favorite movie, Rocky, which motivates him because Rocky was the underdog but he Didn’t Give UP and that’s motivation we can all use!!  I’m going to dig in the archives and watch Rocky…it’s been a long time and I can always use motivation like that!

My final question was for advice for someone trying to make their way and he said the number one thing he always tells people is if you’re not ready for people to talk about you, you’re not ready for success.

This is one of the many benefits of being a photographer it’s the amazing people I get to meet!!

Thank you Tyrone DuBose for the privilege of having you in front of my camera!  I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for you my friend!

You can check Tyrone DuBose out at:
Timeless Traxx
Sheryl Underwood Radio


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