Ms. Michelle’s Birthday Photo Shoot

My cousin, Ms. Michelle is such a phenomenal woman that I simply adore and admire!  I was blown away from the very first time I saw her theater play, Is That Man Your Husband on dvd, then I saw her live play TransParent that had me in tears, then her movie Institutionalized on the big screen at the Las Vegas Black Film Festival that she founded and is now going into its 5th year this April, I knew she was a woman of God that walked her talk and she is such an inspiration to me.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her in 2018.

She has accomplished sooooo much in her life and she definitely deserved to celebrate her 50th birthday!!  She drove all the way from Las Vegas to do a birthday photo shoot and as always, she killed it!  She is so much fun to photograph as you will see from a few of my favorite pictures below ♥

I asked Ms. Michelle what are some words she lives by and would like to share.  I love her response, “Everything you are EXPECTING in life is already EXPECTING you”…now that’s something to ponder!!

She brought over 12 outfits with her and we almost got through all of them lol!  We started off with a fun cowgirl look…and of course her hat was in her favorite color orange…and she wore it well!

Yeah, she really is a boss in front and behind the camera…Cmon’ now, she is the founder of the Las Vegas Black Film Festival where she will be premiering her movie, Is That Man Your Husband…God is using this woman in a mighty way!

We kept it going even after the sun went down.  It was great because she brought so many different looks and it gave me a chance to play with some night lighting too.  It was tough narrowing down what I wanted to share.

After it got too cold, we took it indoors and kept it moving!

I liked the picture below with her chilling on the imperfectly torn paper on the floor…I could’ve easily gotten rid of the tear but I liked what it added to this look.


You know we had to bring the sexy in ♥

Cousin Michelle, thank you for being the beautiful soul that you are and for sharing Gods gift and glory through everything that you do…you always inspire me!

Thank you Jackie and Anika for being great assistants throughout the shoot!

For more information on the Las Vegas Black Film Festival  see the flyer below.

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  1. The photos are magnificent! You are honing this craft and this skill set is definitely note-worthy.
    Keep it moving lady, K Chappell God speed!

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