Every day I have a fight with my inner voice to silence the self critics. So I surround myself with positive images and sticky notes to remind me that I CAN do it….whatever “it” is. I came across an article on Misty Copeland, a gifted and amazing ballet dancer, and I had to print this image that was with the article. I tried to find the photographer’s name so I could give them credit, but I was unable to, but this inspires me because in this image of beauty and strength, I realize it takes WORK to get to where she is and to get that amazing body. Whenever I am working out and it gets hard, I think of this image and what it takes to get there…hard work! Now I may never be a Misty Copeland, and that is not my goal, but if I work hard enough and consistent enough, I can and will reach the goals I set for myself. This image sits on my desk as a reminder of how beautiful life can be. What are some ways you inspire yourself??

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