Every day I have a fight with my inner voice to silence the self critics. So I surround myself with positive images and sticky notes to remind me that I CAN do it….whatever “it” is. I came across an article on Misty Copeland, a gifted and amazing ballet dancer, and I had to print this image that was with the article. I tried to find the photographer’s name so I could give them credit, but I was unable to, but this inspires me because in this image of beauty and strength, I realize it takes WORK to get to where she is and to get that amazing body. Whenever I am working out and it gets hard, I think of this image and what it takes to get there…hard work! Now I may never be a Misty Copeland, and that is not my goal, but if I work hard enough and consistent enough, I can and will reach the goals I set for myself. This image sits on my desk as a reminder of how beautiful life can be. What are some ways you inspire yourself??

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I asked my husband to take a few pics so I could practice posing…gotta know how to work it in front of the camera if I want to master it behind the camera . Whatcha doin’ today? I’ll be editing, editing, editing and meeting with a client later today.  I hope you’re having a great and productive Tuesday!




Printed Art vs. Digital Images


Delivery time ????? This is the part I love…delivering product that I’m proud of to my wonderful clients!! Yaaaas ??❤️?.

I’ve recently realized how important it is to get actual prints and photo books instead of images on cd!! As my kids get older many of my memories are gone in old computers or some other digital format that I have no idea where they are. This breaks my heart. I’ve been trying to print as many images as possible because there is NOTHING like printed memories!!

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Bye bye digital images hello printed art!

Shake Those Nerves! Farmer’s Daughter Hotel

When I first started pursuing my dream of being a photographer, I used to get soooo nervous…even NOW when I have a big event, I STILL get nervous, but I refuse to let that stop me…ever!


One thing I do when I have a big event that has my stomach in knots, I schedule “me” time the following week so instead of focusing on my nerves I focus on the treat to myself AFTER my big event and it really helps lol.


I love to treat myself to an overnight stay at a nice hotel where I can relax and also work with my laptop and enjoy a little time away.


When you have a big event or just something that is nerve wracking, what do you do?? I’d love to hear about it!


Sand in my toes…

With the busy-ness of life we have to force ourselves to stop sometimes so we can appreciate our lives.  I love kicking off my sandals and feel the cool sand between my toes?. I hope you found time today to stop and simply enjoy the moment ☀️


What’s in my bag??

I know when I’m at a photo session or event, some may wonder what the heck does she have in those bags??!! Well these are SOME of my essentials that I carry…my 24-70 and 70-200 are my go to lenses. I gotta have my flash for those poor lighting situations and my remote trigger so that I can have off camera flash. My Jane Iredale is a must for my jobs so my lipstick will last for hours. Gotta have my little bag for my iphone and keys because before this bag, I never could find my keys and phone. Lastly I have to have my micro cloth to keep my glass clean. So there you go…just a few things I carry on each job 🙂